We carry a wide variety of Attars from Nabeel, Al Rehab, Hamidi, Swiss Arabian, Sony Industries and Haramain. We have traditional, contemporary and modern attars. Would appeal to person of all ages and all tastes.

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  • Nabeel

    We carry a variety of Nabeel attars, from traditional attars like King of Rose, Jasmine, King of Sandal to Modern attars like No Ascape, OMG, Bold woman, etc.

  • Al Rehab

    We carry all varieties of Al Rehab 6ml roll on attars from contemporary aroma like Blanc, Susan to traditional flavor like Dehn ul Oudh, Aseel, Shaikah, Jasmine, Ful, etc

  • Swiss Arabian

    Swiss Arabian perfumes like Jannat ul Naeem, Jannat ul Firdaus needs no introduction. We also carry Yasmin Asli, Sandal Rose, White Musk and Rose Taffi Attars also.

  • Harmain Attars

    Al Haramain has become one of the largest manufacturing units of the Middle East to maintain the pace of excellence in the field. A transition phase triggered by a new cosmopolitan outlook is also being followed in the new paradigm.