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Welcome to Books ‘N Gift Shoppe (muslimgifts.us and ismailigifts.com)

We are proud to present unmatched collection of Islamic and Ismaili Literature and exclusive Ismaili Gifts.

We carry Quran with and without transation, Ismaili History, Philosphy, Speeches, Ginans, Ginan meanings, Health and Religion books and various books for children to learn and imbibe Ismaili Culture right at home. Its not only the books but the whole audio visual gamut, like CDs and DVDs, which enhances exponentially the understanding of Faith. To go hand in hand with audio-visual collection is the gift collection which would constantly remind oneself of the ultimate aim of life. Tasbih (misbaha), a very vast collection from low to high end, would encourage rememberance (Dhikr). Its a Gift for UPLIFTMENT of the spirit and also enticingly beautiful.

We also have non-alcoholic attar (perfumed oil), Aggarbatti (incense stick), Loban, Oud, Bukhoor, Car hanging accessories, udd burner, and lot more.

Our Team

Our team consists of father (Nurddin Daredia) and son (Nazim Daredia). 

Mr. Nurddin Daredia is 

This site is not associated with any of the Aga Khan Institutions. It does not represent, nor operate on behalf of Hazar Imam, the Ismaili Tariqah, the jamat, any council or any other Ismaili institution. Its an endeavous to complement and enhance the culture, literature, and pride of an individual who wants more from physical and spiritual life.